First Post! 10/21/2009
Hello to everyone that is visiting this site.  Thank you for taking time out to check it out. Hopefully, you were impressed enough to visit again. For those of you who share my vision, I hope this site will fill that void. Online shopping has become a "must", for the most part, in our society. For a lot of people I know, that is the only way they shop. Seems like whenever I stop by their house, a delivery truck is pulling up. LOL (seriously).  One of the common things that I always hear from them is that they are always looking for a deal. They also mentioned that when they go to a website to shop, they would like to see the deals only, instead of other things popping up on the page. So I started brainstorming this site. It is still in it's trial stages, but it is doing pretty good to say that it is still under construction, and limited advertising. Give me some feedback. Tell your story or just check out the site.......


    Hello, My name is Arthur Anderson. I am a former athlete. I love sports, fishing and spending time with my family. I am self-employed. One thing that I always say is, " I have taken my success into my own hands." I got tired of my success being dependent on someone else deciding my worth.


    October 2009



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