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    Welcome to my NEW site, Deals Online Direct. My name is Arthur Anderson. I work from home and I work hard. I am constantly trying to grow and venture into new directions. Most of my shopping and business ventures, I do online. Like most people, when I am shopping online, I am always looking for the best deal. Now, I am computer lit, but I am far from a computer genius. So, when I am online looking to make my next move, I do not like to keep opening  different windows to shop for different things, or to find money making opportunities. So, a light flickered in my head and I came up with "Deals Online Direct". I wanted a website that I could go to and purchase different type of Items, find business opportunities and maybe get a few business ideas for myself. "Deals Online Direct", is that site!!! Items from are featured on this site. I will also show some of the "opportunities" I have used to make money online. No "Get Rich" quick schemes, but real opportunities to create a decent income online. The only "opportunities" I will discuss, are the ones that "I" have used, and have worked for me.

     Ok, I know you are asking yourself, " Why not just shop directly on" That is a good question. "Deals Online Direct" will show you all all of the deals in every category. You won't have to search for them, they will be streaming through everypage on this site. Just click on the item, and it will take you directly to the review and check out process on Amazon.  From electronics to clothes, from auto care to outdoors, this site has it all. Lets be honest we all want the best items. But, more than that, we all want the LOWEST price we can find. That's what "Deals Online Direct" has created for you. The best items online, at the lowest price. "Deals Online Direct" has also made it easy and convenient to shop for deals online.


    Yes, you will still have to check out through Amazon, but that is the best and most secure way. All I have done is is made shopping for deals online a little faster!
    The one thing that I have noticed about shopping on, is that the deals sell out fast. So, why you are there searching through the items trying to find the best deal, the best deal is selling out. I know I have missed out on saving a few dollars. In todays economy, that is big. This site allows you the opportunity to catch that deal before it sells out. 
     Here is one of the great things about this site. If you don't want to click on one of the deals that will direct you to the site review/checkout. You can go to my DealsOnlineDirect Store (page) and shop Amazon Products without leaving my site!!

     So come on in......I know you will enjoy this site. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them. If there is certain items you feel were left off the site, please let us know. I will definitely try to respond as soon as possible.



        Please bare with us, as the site is still under construction. We are attempting make the site as simple as possible, but we want to make sure that we cover all of the categories.

A.C. Anderson